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About RAiD

  • RAiD is a persistent, unique and resolvable identifier that is assigned to a research project, the RAiD also captures information about the project activities

  • RAiDs can be obtained through the RAiD service which is provided by the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

  • Certification as an ISO standard for RAiD as a project identifier is in progress

  • RAiD is undergoing rapid technical development to enable it to scale internationally to meet demand

Meet the RAiD team

The RAiD team at ARDC is distributed across Australia and includes:

  • Shawn Ross, Product Manager (RAiD)

  • Shorn Tolley, Technical Lead (RAiD)

  • Rob Leney, Software Engineer (RAiD)

  • Siobhann McCafferty, RAiD Advisor

  • Matthias Liffers, Research Data Specialist (Informatics)

  • Natasha Simons, Associate Director, Data and Services, RAiD project sponsor

  • Adrian Burton, Director, Data Policy and Services, RAiD project sponsor

Introducing the RAiD Advisory Group

An international RAiD advisory Group operates to:

  • Provide a forum for monitoring, discussing and collaborating on the development of RAiD

  • Provide feedback and advice on the development of the RAiD product

  • Advise ARDC on the transition of RAiD to a global capability

  • Monitor and raise the factors outside of RAiD's influence that impact its success

  • Enable ARDC to share information on the progress of RAiD

Members of the RAiD Advisory Group are:

  • Chris Brown, Product Manager, Jisc UK

  • Josh Brown, Co-Founder, MoreBrains Cooperative

  • Matt Buys, Executive Director, DataCite

  • Todd Carpenter, Executive Director, NISO

  • Tom Demeranville, Product Director, ORCID

  • Chris Erdmann, Associate Director of Open Science, Michael J Fox Foundation

  • Maria Gould, Product Manager, ROR

  • Phil Jones, Co-Founder, MoreBrains Cooperative

  • Jennifer Kemp, Head of Partnerships, CrossRef

  • Mark Leggott, Executive Director, Research Data Canada/The Alliance

  • Heath Marks, CEO, Australian Access Federation

  • Chris Seal, Senior eResearch Solutions Specialist, The University of Auckland

  • Clifford Tatum, Innovation Team, Consultant PID projects, SURF Netherlands

  • Mark van de Sanden, System Architect, Data Preservation Services Team, SURF Netherlands

  • Adrian Burton, Director, Data Policy and Services, ARDC

  • Natasha Simons, Associate Director, Data and Services, ARDC (AG Chair)

  • Shawn Ross, RAiD Product Manager

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