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RAiDs give institutions the means to identify where their research activities are located, who is collaborating and what resources are being used. 


A RAiD can be used to assist in reporting on institutional engagement with infrastructure providers and data output impact measures. Institutions can also use RAiD to locate data resources used by research projects and leverage that data into future projects through search and linking tools.

Scenario 1

A university uses a DMP Tool for all its research projects and as part of DMP submission a RAiD is automatically generated. If the activity record is marked as public  this information is searchable by registered researchers and institutions.

Scenario 2

A university would like to be able to see what research activities its researchers are working on that are led by other institutions. The university is able to search for all RAiDs for their institution that have associated researchers, allowing them to report on projects associated with their researchers and ensure that any research output IP is correctly attributed.


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