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RAiD News

International projects


The RAiD team is contributing to the following exciting international projects:

Implementing FAIR Workflows

  • Partners: DataCite (Lead) with Max Planck Institute and others; ARDC contributing as an (unfunded) partner

  • Aims: to develop an exemplar workflow and ecosystem that will assist teams in adhering to FAIR principles for making all research outputs available, using the field of consciousness studies as the example

  • RAiD contribution: ARDC will provide access to RAiDs and assist in the integration of RAiDs into the PID graph and corresponding interface

  • Benefits include:

    1. To motivate open practice adoption and FAIR compliance, researchers need concrete examples of FAIR workflows that are easy to implement

    2. To implement credit tracing and evaluation support for the researchers through the PID graph based on citation and reuse data


  • Partners: Centre for Science in Finland (Lead) with 22 complementary partners of the FAIRCORE4EOSC consortium including service providers, research performing organisations and global expert networks. ARDC is one of the (unfunded) complementary partners.

  • Aims: The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an ecosystem of research data and related services that will enable and enhance seamless access to and reliable re-use of FAIR research outputs such as data, publications, software and more. This project focuses on the development and realisation of core components for supporting a FAIR EOSC and addressing gaps identified in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. Leveraging existing technologies and services, the project will develop nine new EOSC-Core components aimed at improving the discoverability and interoperability of an increased amount of research outputs.

  • RAiD contribution: ARDC will provide access to RAiD for use in EOSC. The EOSC RAiD service will be integrated within the EOSC Marketplace. When a researcher orders resources through the EOSC Marketplace, they will be prompted to register a RAiD to start tracking related research activities. Where needed, this process can also facilitate granting of resources within EOSC. Additionally, the researcher can easily add resources to an existing RAiD record. The RAiD service will also be integrated within the RDGraph, whereby a researcher can easily add discovered resources to an existing RAiD record.

  • Benefits: The RAiD service offers EOSC, researchers, funding agencies, and other stakeholders the opportunity to collect and track research activities during the project. The collected information also serves as a project archive after completion of the project.

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