RAiD is a Persistent IDentifier for research projects

A research project is an activity.  It takes place over a period of time, has a set scope, is resourced by researchers, research support staff and uses and produces data


RAiD is a unique and persistent identifier for research projects.

It acts as a container for research project activities by collecting identifiers for the people, publications, instruments and institutions that are involved.  

How Does it work?

A RAiD has two parts: The RAiD handle and the RAiD metadata envelope. 

The RAiD handle is a string of numbers that is minted via the RAiD API. It is persistent and unique.

The metadata envelope records time/date stamped PIDs for:

  • Funders

  • Organisations

  • Collaborators

  • Tools and Services

  • Data

RAiD is one of the Identifier Services owned and offered by the ARDC

RAiD folder image.png

Explainer Video 

RAiD Video

RAiD Video

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