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Identify and track your research projects and activities with RAiD

RAiD provides persistent, unique and resolvable identifiers for research projects based on the global handle system. RAiD also collects descriptive information about the project activities and records these in a "metadata envelope".


The metadata envelope records time/date stamped persistent identifiers for:

  • Funders and grants

  • Organisations and institutions

  • Collaborators and contributors

  • Articles and data

  • Tools and services

RAiD folder image.png

RAiD can help researchers and research institutions to:

  • Identify research projects

  • Keep track of project activities, eg who is involved, who funded the project, what outputs they produce, and even what tools they use

RAiD is a not-for-profit service delivered by the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). The RAiD service is available to use now and is also undergoing rapid technical development to enable it to scale internationally. 

Future plans for RAiD include:

  • Certification as an ISO standard for project identification

  • Development of a governance and operational framework that involving multiple Registration Agencies across the globe

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