Using the RAiD service

RAiD is a free service and may be used by any organisation, lab, institution or similar that takes on the role of a RAiD Service Point.

The service can be accessed for machine-to-machine service by API integration with a platform designated by a RAiD Service Point. 

Or, by manual minting via the RAiD user Dashboard.  


API Integration

The ARDC’s RAiD service API enables the creation of RAiDs via machine-to-machine connection. 

The API is to be integrated with research management software or other applications and workflows.

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Web Dashboard

The ARDC’s RAiD service web interface is for users expecting to mint only a very small number of RAiDs, or as an interim arrangement while a M2M is established using the API.

The manual minting service can only mint a single identifier at a time. Bulk minting is currently not supported.


Service Point Documents